Top 4 Things to Do in New Zealand

Can you make your visit to New Zealand enjoyable and unforgettable? Read this post to know exciting things that you can do in the country. By the way, it’s now more convenient to process an online application if you want to go to the country, especially for New Zealand visa UK.

New Zealand is a diamond-shaped island nation that has a compact geographical setting. Due to its natural features, traveling from one tourist spot to another will only take a few hours to drive. Now, to your satisfaction, here are the top four things that you must try doing in the country.

Bodyboarding at 90-Mile Beach

At the edge of New Zealand’s north island, you’ll find the Ninety-Mile Beach. Famous for having remarkable pure white sand from Ahipara to Scott Point, a lot of tourists are interested in visiting the place for sand boarding because the dunes are quite tall.

Take note: If you do sand boarding, don’t forget to bring swimming goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Enjoy Sailing in the Bay of Islands

New Zealand is known for its accessibility as wildland. Not only that, don’t miss visiting the Bay of Islands as it’s one of the best sailing spots in the globe that you must experience. You can hire a canoe for your satisfaction and explore the area.

Summit Track to a Volcanic Island

The youngest volcano in New Zealand can be found in an island known as Rangitoto —a volcano that erupted from the sea in the past 600 years. The island is reserved for native birds to thrive that will marvel your family. You’ll have easy access to visit the place because a daily ferry service is always available.

Moreover, Rangitoto Island is an iconic place that offers a summit track for you to witness in 360-view the spectacular things in Auckland and the surrounding islands. Numerous tourists testify that the short, steep trail is worth the price because you get to see the stunning sun setting from the top.

Have a Taste of the Best-selling Wines in New Zealand

From Auckland city, you can be transported by a ferry to reach the Waiheke Island — a 92-square kilometer island, which is the home of the best-selling wines. You’ll be amazed by approximately 30 vineyards across the area.

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