Indian E Visa: How Do You Obtain One?

All travelers who want to visit India need to obtain an Indian e visa to enter its territory. Regardless of your purposes (transit, business or tourism), you should comply with the laws and rules associated with documentation to get approved in your application. If you are not sure about the step-by-step process of applying for an e visa in this country, take a look at the details provided below. The information that you are going to learn in this page will serve as your guide in every step of the way.

Types of Indian Visa

The basic requirement you need to know before you proceed to the application is to know what kind of Indian visa you need to get. There are numerous types of visa available and these include the following:

– Intern visa

– Tourist visa

– Research visa

– Emergency service

– Student visa

– Business visa

– Employment visa

– Medical visa (for patients)

– Transit visa

– Missionary visa

– Journalist visa

– Transfer business visa

– Transfer tourist visa

– Film visa

– Medical attendant visa (only for attendants)

Each time you apply for an Indian e visa, take note that the processing fees and duration will depend on your visa class. Other factors may also affect the total amount you need to pay and time you need to wait before receiving your e visa and travel to India. Among these factors are your nationality and the time of year when you have submitted the application. However, there will be professional assistance and thorough understanding of your visa class to assure that you get a cost-efficient process as much as possible.

During the application process, it is advised to use the same signature in all your documents to prevent troubles in your documents in the future. If you are not really sure about what to do, contact the Indian government for assistance.