Canada ETA

Canada is one of the best destinations for tourists, and the country offers a truly rich experience to its visitors. People from the United States do not require any visa or any other document in order to go to Canada, and for them, only a valid US passport is enough to enter Canada. However, for people in other countries, visa requirement is a must.

As technology has advanced, Canada has introduced the eTA, which means electronic Travel Authorization. The eTA Canada is a must-have document if you want to enter Canada as no one is exempt from it other than US Citizens and permanent residence holders in Canada. To get an ETA Canada, you need to visit the Canadian government side, make one, and be eligible to travel to Canada.

Canada is a fabulous spot for travelers, and it offers a big list of places of interest for domestic as well as international tourists.

ETA Canada

CN Tower

Toronto’s CN Tower is one of the highest buildings in the world, and the CN Tower is just amazing. The building is located right at the shore of Lake Ontario, and is one of the most famous places to visit in Canada.

It offers glass ceilings and floors, an astonishing view at the top for dinners, and regular sightseeing while drinking coffee. The greatest feature about the topmost floor is that the restaurant constantly revolves in a 360-degree circle and at night, the lights on the tower illuminate the whole city of Toronto.

Niagara Falls

If you ever longed for a really captivating experience with nature, then visiting Niagara falls should be one of your topmost priorities. According to recent surveys, about 20,000 people visit the Niagara Falls each year to enjoy the breathtaking marvels of nature. The Niagara waterfalls are one of the fastest water flowings in the world, and the water drops from a height of approximately 57 meters.

The Canadian

A train tour from the city of Toronto to Vancouver is best enjoyed and experienced through The Canadian. The Canadian is one the world’s most famous rides that goes through the natural beauties of Canada such as Ontario Lakes, National Parks, and other attractions. The ride ends at Vancouver and takes about three days to finish.

If you are planning to visit Canada, and want to catch a glimpse of all the tourist attractions mentioned above, you need to get all your documents ready, pack your bags and get your tickets and hotels booked. Do not forget to register for the eTA Canada because without this crucial document, they will not allow you to enter Canada and experience the magic of this country.