A Walkthrough On Your ESTA Application

Are you planning on visiting the U.S.? are you confused as to what esta is for and how to go through with your esta application? Here’s a simple walkthrough regarding your U.S. entry.

What Is ESTA?

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. Not to be confused with a Visa, ESTA also allows multiple entries in the United States, making it easier for business and travel trips to push through. If the country you reside in is part of the thirty-eight countries that are under the Visa Waiver Program, then you are eligible to apply for ESTA.

For How Long Can One Stay In The United States?

ESTA allows you to visit the U.S. easily as long as your trips don’t exceed the ninety-day limit. You are only authorized to spend a maximum number of days and months, which makes it perfect for business and tourist trips.

However, if you plan on studying with only ESTA on hand, some institutions and schools offer short courses. These programs last for only three months and offer eighteen hours of lectures per week, based on the requirements.

Is ESTA The Same As A Visa?

No, ESTA is simply a waiver that allows you entry into the country. But the benefits of Visa holders and U.S citizens will not be granted, nor will you be eligible to stay for as long as you want.

With ESTA:

  • There is no need for lengthy processing of papers.
  • Travels are shorter in terms of duration.
  • No interviews are needed, as well as visits to the embassy.

With a Visa:

  • Processing may take a long time, with no definite number of days or months.
  • Used for more extended travel stays and emigration.
  • Interviews and visits to the embassy are required.

How Do You Apply For ESTA?

ESTA application is one of the most accessible and most convenient processes out there. Online applications are easy to fill out, and there is no need to present yourself at any embassy or go to interviews. This natural process saves you money, time, and effort. Confirmation is sent through email as well.

Understanding the esta application gives you more insight as to how you can enter the U.S. with lesser hassle. Apply for ESTA now.